Sunday, May 16, 2010


1. Surf’s Up!

La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of the North and is famous not just to the local surfers but even to the world surfing circuit. The beaches in San Juan are said to have some of the most perfect waves in the region. It is perfect for board surfing from November to February. Carlatan and Wallace in San Fernando are also good spots.

2. Dive Deep in Fagg Reef

If you prefer to dive rather than surf, then Fagg Reef is for you. It’s the most famous dive site in the area and marks the divide between the Lingayen Gulf and the South China Sea. The site is also known as The Tanks, after the three World War II tanks that were dropped off here, resulting in a wide and diverse marine life, perfect for scuba diving.

3. Visit Our Lady of Namacpacan

For Marian devotees, the Shrine of Our Lady of Namacpacan in the centuries-old church of St. Catherine in Luna is a site to behold. History gives importance to Our Lady because indigenous people claimed that she appeared as an old woman and offered them food and invited them to be baptized. Her image, which came from Spain through the galleons, reportedly performed miracles ever since she landed on the shores of Luna

4. Learn History at Museo de Iloko and Museo de La Union

Museo de La Union, which is in the Provincial Capitol in San Fernando, houses archaeological finds in La Union during the pre-Spanish period. On the other hand, Museo de Iloko is the old “presidencia” of Agoo houses artifacts and other pieces of cultural importance to the Ilocanos. Both museums are open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 8AM-5PM

5. Soak up nature in La Union Botanical Garden

The first of its kind in the Philippines, this is a 20-hectare scientific garden that’s the center of laboratory research in Northern Luzon. Showcases include the Sunken Garden, Medicinal Garden, Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and Fragrance Garden.

6. Breathe in history at the Pindangan Ruins

Pindangan was the original name of San Fernando and in the Ilocano dialect, literally means a place where meat is sun dried with salt for preservation. This was the place where the Spanish built the original church to start the evangelization of the locals. They transferred the church because of constant pirate raids and looting. Today, the ruins’ buttresses and walls are still standing. An old well which supplied the area with cool water through the centuries, can still be found at the side of the church. Made of corals and bricks, the enchanting well is still in good condition.

7. Taste the Culture of the Region Through Its Industries

Learn Pottery Making in Taboc, San Juan. Watch the age-old art of blanket weaving in Bangar. Have a taste of Basi, the Ilocano native wine in Lioac, Naguilian. You can learn much about a place’s culture by observing and understanding these industries

8. Salute the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

Located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, Quezon Avenue and Diversion Road leading to Poro Point, the structure is a reminder of the noble deeds of the Filipino and US soldiers who died in the name of freedom.

9. Lose yourself in the San Francisco-Canaoay-Pagudpud Beach

Splendid white sand beaches that offer a spectacular sunset view adorn the San Fernado City’s coastline. It can be found in eleven of the coastal barangays of the city (and Thunderbird Resort Poro Point is part of that!)

10. Dream, Play and Live at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Paradise is nestled on a scenic cliff, overlooking the white sand beach and the edge of a headland that dips into the South China Sea. Thunderbird Resorts is slowly becoming famous for the beauty of its Meditteranean-inspired architecture, the exquisite dining pleasure of Olive’s Restaurant, Vegas Café and Patio Santorini, the world-class 9 hole golf course of The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club, the world-class gaming facilities of Fiesta Casinos and the over-all extraordinary experience that guests can enjoy. (


  1. We would love to see these places. So addresses would be helpful. Thank you.

  2. We would love to see these places. So addresses would be helpful. Thank you.

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