Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thunderbird Resorts Showers Discounts & Entertainment this Rainy Season

ust when you thought that come the rainy season, all you can do is stay at the house and stare from the window. Well, you don’t have to actually.

You have a choice. Either escape from the metro in just an hour and head to Thunderbird Resorts Rizal or prefer to take a joyride to Thunderbird Resorts La Union.

We’re letting you enjoy the rainy days and shower you with discounts and entertainment!

Pitter Patter to Thunderbird Resorts and Enjoy a good slumber!

Make the cool breeze a little warmer, watch Christine Reyes, Valerie Concepcion & Sam Pinto on July 17 at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal. Free admission.

Spend Acoustic Nights at Fiesta every Thursday with Princess Velasco

Drop by the resorts for a Day Tour

You can just relax - Dine in any of our themed restaurants; Swing out at the challenging golf course; try your luck at Fiesta; or anticipate the beautiful sunset we're so proud of.

We assure you that there's a lot to do even if the rain rain don't go away.

Been to Thunderbird Resorts? Share to us your experience.
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