Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Next on our list is the Doctor Blogger, Angelo Nino Santos.

From his website:
Docgelo is currently blogging from his work place in Penang, Malaysia. At present he’s a medical lecturer in a university and enjoys the passion of being one.

BEYOND TOXICITY is basically about FAMILY, FOOD and FUN.

This blog is about my family’s life; documenting episodes from our simple pleasures and our daily hassles, our dining adventures from our own table to various food places; it also chronicles our few travels and other things in between.


  1. Wow! Thank you so much, Thunderbird Resorts for featuring my blog! I truly enjoyed my entire stay in TBR Poro Point; the experience was beyond wonderful! More Power!
    I wish to be there again and bring family and friends when I get a chance.
    Terima Kasih from Penang, Malaysia!

    ps : thanks to ms. nica! =)

  2. Ah---si Doc Angelo. I dol ko yan. Alo Doc? yeah, I saw his blogpost about Poro point and I became restless ever since. I am really dying to see the beauty of it. One day I will.

    More power Doc, More power Thunderbird Resort.

  3. See you when you're back in Manila! Thanks too Doc Gelo!