Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Have breakfast at Thunderbird Resorts - Rizal's KOI Restaurant

Thunderbird Resorts-Rizal welcomes

Executive Chef Jean Paul Capitaine;

New Breakfast Menu for KOI Restaurant

Thunderbird Resorts-Rizal welcomes a new chef on board and brings along a fresh take on the resort’s palate.

“For the past few years the customers were used to Filipino-style cooking. To serve a fresh array of choices, we have extended the dining experience by diversifying and opening new horizons to our guests,” shares the newly appointed Thunderbird Resorts-Rizal Executive Chef Jean Paul Capitaine.

A seasoned executive Chef, he has worked in various countries such as Columbia, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, West Indies, Spain, France, and Hong Kong.

With his expertise on international taste, the breakfast buffet now offers, according to Chef Capitaine, “a new bread selection of baguette, bread rolls , sweet rolls, homemade banana bread with imported butter and jams; a good selection of cold cuts with smoked ham salami and Mortadella from Italy.”

“Smoked fish like smoked salmon, anchovy fillets and eels - all of these are served with fresh lettuce, tomatoes slices and cucumber. Also, a tempting cheese platter is available,” he further added. “Cook-to-order eggs in any style, sausages, hash brown and from time to time a good Singapore curry.”

While the vegetarians have their choices of freshly grilled vegetables like zucchini, tomato and egg plant. Not to be left out, kids will enjoy the traditional cereals supplemented with Swiss Muesli and the choice of full milk or skimmed milk.

Serving this new breakfast menu every morning at KOI Restaurant, Chef Capitaine invites everyone to “come and try the new breakfast at Thunderbird Resorts and Fiesta Casino Rizal that you will surely approve.”

For more information about Thunderbird Resorts and Fiesta Casino, visit www.thundebird-asia.com

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