Sunday, January 16, 2011

Special Free Roll Draws at Fiesta Casinos

A grand and fabulous way to celebrate the first month of 2011, Fiesta Casinos gave out cars and cash this past weekend.

To start off the winnings, Mrs. Rufina Pinzon from Luna, La Union wins a brand new Toyota Vios on the January 15 Fiesta Free Roll Draw at Poro Point.

Fiesta Casino Poro Point GM Mike Walker awards the prize to Mrs. Pinzon

A toast to our winner!

Mrs. Pinzon in her brand new wheels.

Other cash prizes won: 2nd - 35k; 3rd - 20k; 4th - 15k; 5th - 12k; 6th - 10k; 7th - 8k.

Congratulations! Fiesta Casinos cheers with you!

Meanwhile, in Fiesta Casino Rizal, P100k was awarded to one lucky winner during the Fiesta Free Roll Special Draw; and a brand new Audi to another winner of the Velvet Room Grand Draw. Both draws were also held last January 15, 2011.

The month is not yet over, still at stake on January 29 are brand new Mitsubishi Strada for Poro Point and brand new Mitsubishi Pajero for Rizal.



For more information, visit Thunderbird Resorts and Fiesta Casinos official website

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