Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fiesta Casino Poro Point Receives Mark of Gratitude from La Union Province

For being the only non-smoking casino in the Philippines, Fiesta Casino Poro Point received a Mark of Gratitude from the Province of La Union.

Presented by La Union Governor Manuel Ortega, the award gratefully recognizes Fiesta Casino’s invaluable dedication and untiring support in the implementation of health programs, specifically the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The ceremony was held last February 7, 2011 during the First Provincial Health Summit at Prince Plaza Hotel, Legarda Road, Baguio City.

Fiesta Casino started the non-smoking policy to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Through this, guests and players will take responsibility and make smart health choices while enjoying the extraordinary entertainment that Fiesta Casino has to offer.

This also enables families, circles of friends, or even different individuals in the casino to gather around the table, roam around, and enjoy playing in a healthful way.

Honored and grateful of the recognition, Fiesta Casino Poro Point will continue to uphold their dedication and commitment to the programs of the province.

Fiesta Casino’s world-class entertainment venue is located within Thunderbird Resorts property at San Fernando, Poro Point, La Union.

Visit www.thunderbird-asia.com for more information about Fiesta Casino – Poro Point.

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