Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thunderbird Resorts Awards Photo Contest Winners

In photo: FPPF Chairperson Edi Huang (front row, second from left)
poses with PhotoWorld participants

On the night of January 29, Greenbelt 3 Ground Lobby was filled with camera-clad enthusiasts who all came for one special Photographer's Night.

This was made possible by Thunderbird Resorts, in partnership with Caltex, Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation Inc. Sponsors include Western Digital, Digital Photographer Philippines, iSTYLEs, Image Works Inc., and Intel.

Highlighting the event was the awarding of the Second Annual Express Your Art Photo Contest. To seek inspirational photos that would renew the environmental spirit, this year's theme is "Go Green".

“We wanted photos that would capture people’s day-to-day efforts towards conserving the environment,” said Fabio Moretti, Thunderbird Resorts Country Manager. “More importantly, we want people to look at these photos and gain a stronger sense of custodianship over our planet.”

(L-R) Grand Prize winner Imee Antonio holds the check up high
with iStyle's Michelle Aglibar, Huang and Thunderbird Resorts' Fabio Moretti

Grand Prize winner Imee Antonio, who garnered the highest average among the entries, won the PhP 250,000 cash prize for her photo depicting two women creating bags out of recycled materials.

Photo by Imee Antonio

On her win, Imee shares, "My inspiration during the shoot was of course to win the contest, by having a photo entry that will depict the contest objective. I'm very happy that our camera club members were very creative and helpful that we have arrived to a winning photo entry."

As for the cash prize, she adds, "Some part of it of course will go directly to my savings account, some will be given to the camera club fund and some will be shared to my co-members who helped me during the shoot."

Category winners Dewey Sergio (Awareness), Ernie Penaredondo (Balance), and Jordan Madjus (Commitment) captured equally captivating photos and won P50,000 each. Awarding them were Michelle Aglibar, IStyles/Intel; Fabio Moretti, Country Manager of Thunderbird Resorts; Eduviges Huang, Chairperson of Federation of Philipppine Photographers Foundation Inc.

Awareness Category Winner Dewey Sergio (middle)

Balance Category Winner Ernie Penaredondo (second from right)

Commitment Category Winner Jordan Madjus (second from right)

Shaun Thomsen, Chief Gaming Officer of Thunderbird Resorts and Betty Lalana, Chairperson of PhotoWorld 2011 awarded the ten consolation prize winners.

Thomsen and Lalana with Consolation Prize Winner Jaime Singlador

Consolation Prize Winner Reynaldo Mondez, Jr.

Judges were commercial photographer and Ad Congress awardee Francis Rivera, underwater photographer and Green Peace advocate Gutsy Tuazon, surfing lifestyle photographer Mark Dimalanta, former Business Development & Channel Manager of Kodak Philippines Edwin Hermoso, and project lead for Thunderbird Resorts' Efforts on Environment Sustainability Elaine Santillan.

Also present at the event were PhotoWorld guest speakers Julieanne Kost (Adobe Digital Imaging Evangelist) and fashion photographer Hanson Fong, as well as former PhotoWorld chairperson Manny Innumerable and Ad Photo’s John Chua.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who made the Thunderbird Resorts Express Your Art Photo Contest a big success!

Visit here to see the full gallery of the Express Your Art Go Green Photo Contest Winners.


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