Monday, April 18, 2011

Thunderbird Resorts awards P100k to the Extraordinary Video

The Extraordinary Grand Prize winning video featured a guy going about his daily routine with such enthusiasm only to reveal in the end that he’s on a wheelchair. The video closes with the text “You Make Yourself Extraordinary.” On the day of the awarding, the Grand Prize winner Randolph Longjas received his award with both legs able and walking, a big surprise to all those present.

Grand Prize Winner Randolph Longjas

“The video was inspired by my family’s adopted brother who can’t walk,” Longjas explained. “Despite the disability, he brings joy to our family and since he came, he brought so many blessings to us, like winning in this video contest.”

The Grand Prize Winner was determined by a panel of judges that includes Anton Diaz of, videographer Bob Nicolas, Prof. Patrick Campos of the UP Film Institute and Thunderbird Resorts Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Felbin Soto.

Ma. Veronica Guingon got one of the highest votes

Carla Baful's entry was chosen as the Favorite Video of Thunderbird Resorts representatives

The Five Most Voted video winners who received P5k cash prize, P10k worth of Thunderbird Resorts GC and Enjoy Philippines Card were Diane S. Hular (1029 votes); Apple Mae J. Shiroma (1027 votes); Shobert C. Hallig (917 votes); Caylene K. Paras (911 votes) and Ma. Veronica S. Guingon (593 votes), while Carla Baful snagged the Special Prize of Apple iPad and P10k worth of Thunderbird Resorts GC for being the Favorite Video as selected by Thunderbird Resorts representatives.

“What Makes You Extraordinary?” was the question posted in the contest, wherein participants must answer by submitting a video best explaining their reasons. By the end of February 2011, a total of 58 video entries were received which were then posted online for the voting period that ran from March 1to 25 2011. The awarding proper took place last April 16, 2011 at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal’s newly-opened Event Center.

Present to award the winners were Thunderbird Resorts executives and managers namely Mr. Shaun Thomsen, Chief Gaming Officer; Mr. Herbert Williams, Rizal’s General Manager; Ms. Katalene Agmata, CorpComm & Hotel Marketing Manager; and Brent Fernandez, Entertainment & Casino Marketing Manager. Serving as emcee of the ceremony was CorpComm Assistant Gerico Punzalan.

Special thanks to Zest Air as the event’s major sponsor and in partnership with, Nuffnang, Enjoy Philippines, Baicapture, SolidHosting.PH, Perfect Renders, Primer Group of Companies, Monsters Production, and Manila Bloggers Network.

Photos by: Anton Carranza Jr. of


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