Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thunderbird Residences launches the Condotel in Poro Point

Thunderbird Residences Poro Point - the premiere leisure and wellness residential
community in San Fernando, La Union,  unveils its latest real estate project - the Condotel.

After the successful launch of its first residential development last October 2010, Thunderbird Residences now presents another solid investment opportunity to its upscale clientele. Occupying 1,500 square meters of the 15-hectare land area of Thunderbird Residences, the  Condotel offers 51 luxury units, each with an average floor area of 55 square meters.

The Condotel is an expansion project of Thunderbird Resorts hotel, the most popular tourist destination in La Union, attracting local and foreign visitors alike.   Poised to be the finest condotel development in the Northern Luzon Region, the property will follow the Santorini-inspired architecture and plush interiors of the existing hotel.  Likewise, all units of the Condotel will have spectacular views of the South China Sea, with a pink sunset providing a backdrop to the breathtaking scenery. 

All purchased units will automatically be enrolled in Thunderbird Resorts’ condotel program operated by Thunderbird Pilipinas Hotels and Resorts, Inc., a fourteen year old multinational company specializing in the gaming and hospitality industry.  As such, owners benefit from having their units under the direct supervision of hotel management.    

The unit then becomes a “self-liquidating” investment with hassle-free property management as the hotel will be the ones to lease it out with all the services provided.  Moreover,  owners are entitled to exclusive use of their unit for 30 days annually, while enjoying huge investment returns on the lease out of their units for the remainder of the year. As an added privilege, owners will have access to the hotel’s first class facilities – the beach club, the Cliffs golf course, the pool and casino.

Future plans for the community amenities and features of Thunderbird Residences include a spa and wellness center, clubhouse with an infinity pool, business, event and commercial centers, chapel, fitness gym, sports area with tennis, badminton and basketball courts and kid’s pavilion and play area.

With all these, the Condotel of Thunderbird Residences-Poro Point truly provides the perfect destination to relax, rejuvenate and live.

For more information,  visit or contact Keshia Fraser at 0918.921.1613 or at 632.886.5555.

Photos by Alex De Vera Dizon of

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  1. Hello Thunderbird! I visited Poro Point exactly a yr ago and i thought about posting a blog post about the resort during our stay :)

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