Monday, November 21, 2011

December Easy Play Easy Pay @ Fiesta Casinos

Make your holidays happy with a brand new Honda City! With the Easy Play Easy Pay Grand Raffle Draw this December, you get the chance to take home more than PhP 1 million worth of prizes, including two (2) Honda CB 110 motorcycles and cash prizes.

Fiesta Casinos - Rizal
Grand Raffle Draw: December 17, 2011
1 Honda City, 2 Honda CB 110, and cash prizes

Fiesta Casinos - Poro Point
Grand Raffle Draws:
December 17, 2011
1 Honda CB 110 and cash prizes

December 29, 2011
1 Honda City, 1 Honda CB 110, and cash prizes

Play more to earn more tickets! Drop by at any of our locations in Rizal and Poro Point to find out how you can win these exciting prizes, or call +63 2 651 6888 (Rizal) / +63 72 888 7777 (Poro Point) for more details.

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